Cialis important information

Before starting the treatment with Cialis it is important to visit a doctor and learn the essential information about this medication.

Cialis can cause allergic reactions so if you are allergic to Tadalafil or other components of the drug, do not take it.

The concomitant usage of Cialis and a nitrate –based drug is contraindicated because this combination can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure. Cialis should not be used with medications indicated for blood pressure lowering.

It is important to take Cialis as recommended by your doctor to prevent the development of side events and life-threatening conditions.

Cialis should be taken once a day.

Cialis can rarely cause such serious adverse effects as priapism, sudden vision or hearing loss. If you have conditions which can potentially contribute to the development of these serious side effects, discuss with your doctor if you can safely use Cialis.

Comments of the men with ED


For me this medicine works in the best way against ED. It passed clinical trial some years ago and is appropriated for daily usage. Having taken it I felt like in my 20s again. I regret my insurance does not pay for daily usage, but I take 20 mg dose when I need it (so six dosages monthly). It is enough for me. I have no side effects, with the others medicines I had them, the effect continues about 2 days after having taken it. The erection is like a natural one. It is effective for around 40-50 minutes after taking, and it is necessary to take in on empty stomach.

Cialis dosage forms and strengths

One of the main things you should remember about Cialis (tadalafil) usage is the strength of the drug. The fact is that Cialis is available on the market in different dosages.

Cialis is produce in 4 strengths of film-coated, almond-shaped tablets. The different size of tablets and a variety of yellow color shades helps to memorize your dose simply.

  • 2.5-mg tablets with C 2 1/2
  • 5-mg tablets with C 5
  • 10-mg tablets with C 10
  • 20-mg tablets with C 20

You should take your recommended dose, never take more than prescribed for you, the increased dose means increased risk of side effects development.

Cialis in low doses 2.5 mg and 5 mg tablets is very convenient because for many patients Cialis is prescribed on a daily basis. Special groups of patients including males with serious kidney or liver impairment, old patients are usually prescribed the lowest doses of Cialis.

Before taking this medication you should consult your doctor who will determine the right dose of Cialis for you. In some cases Cialis may be contraindicated, ask your doctor for more information. If your cardiologist strictly recommends you to avoid sexual activity, do not take Cialis for the treatment of ED for some period of time.

ED diagnosis

If you think you may have erectile dysfunction, do not waste your time and health, go to your doctor to put the right diagnosis and start the treatment as soon as possible. Sometimes lifestyle changes can help; in other cases the treatment of underlying cause of ED may improve the situation with erectile function.

When you first visit your doctor, try to be frank and tell him your symptoms, your concerns and what you expect from the treatment. Your doctor will perform a careful physical examination. He will check your blood circulation, makes a rectal exam, a neurological exam, and an exam of your penis.

To diagnose the underlying cause of the problem, your doctor will adjust the necessary tests and procedures and ask medical history questions which may include:

  • Is the difficulty in getting erections or in maintaining erections?
  • How often are you unable to get or maintain an erection?
  • How long have you experienced erectile dysfunction?
  • Do you have other serious medical conditions?
  • Do you have erections at night?
  • Do you take any medications?
  • Do you smoke?
  • Do you use alcohol?
  • Have you recently had prostate treatment or surgery?
  • Do you often have depression?
  • Are you under constant stress?
  • Do you have psychological problems because of physical problems?
  • Do you have relationship difficulties?

Your doctor may ask other questions including questions about your general health. Try to answer frankly so your doctor can determine the cause of your ED exactly and put the right diagnosis.

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